Yum CrawBug – The Reel Shot

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Yum CrawBug

About Yum CrawBug

Built to satisfy the hunger of bass, the Yum Crawbugdelivers an ultra-realistic crawfish imitation is able to fool the most seasoned of predators. Designed with three-dimensional detailing never-before-seen in a soft plastic, the Yum Crawbug features a super-soft texture that makes it incredibly lifelike. Molded with a hollow body and flapping appendages, the Yum Crawbug perfectly imitates a fleeing crawfish as it scurries along the lake floor. Whether it is threaded on a jighead or combined with a Texas-rig, the Yum Crawbug delivers a look and an action that gets the job done.

  • 2.5" or 3.25" long
  • 8 per pack

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