Megabass Xplose Slow Sinking SpyBait – The Reel Shot

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Megabass Xplose Slow Sinking SpyBait

About Megabass Xplose Slow Sinking SpyBait

The Megabass Xplose Slow Sinking SpyBait offers all the great fish catching ability that the "spy-bait" design provides, but with the innovation and performance we've all come to expect from Megabass! Outfitted with a patent pending "tri-leaf" prop blade, the Megabass Xplose Slow Sinking SpyBait creates a movement in the water fish cannot resist. The unique prop design along with the Megabass shaft-balancer design, ensure the bait is moving throw the strike zone with unmatched consistancy! The design and technology of the this bait also means that it has the ability to be casted extremely long distances so you can cover a lot of water and target the active fish!

  • Slow-sinking - wounded bait fish action
  • 4" body length
  • 5/8 oz
  • #4 hooks 
  • 1 per pack

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