Megabass S-Crank – The Reel Shot

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Megabass S-Crank

About Megabass S-Crank

Whether you are targeting a precise piece of structure or open-water hunting for suspending fish, the Megabass S-Crank does the trick like no other squarebill on the market. The secret sauce of the S-Crank is in its erratic wobble and side to side action. The Megabass S-Crank moves side to side through to water at a wide variety of speeds and has a knack for getting reaction strikes out of indecisive fish. Another key feature to the S-Crank is its ability to deflect structure, this not only reduces hang-ups, but drives fish wild leaving them no choice but to commit. If you are looking for a premium square bill to add to your arsenal of baits, the Megabass S-Crank comes in a wide variety of awesome colors and will not disappoint! 

  • Diving Depth: 5'
  • Body Style: Silent
  • Length: 2-3/5"
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Hook: #2 & #4

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