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Little Atom Nuggies

About Little Atom Nuggies

The new Nuggies tail from Little Atom is the newest super-soft plastic tail in the Little Atom arsenal. The Nuggies tail is irresistible to feeding fish as the Nuggies tail has an elusive action and resembles natural prey. The Nuggies tail has caught fish while dead-sticking, free-falling, casting, and jigging. Steelhead fishermen have already given the Nuggies tail rave reviews and soon the Nuggies tail should be the 1st choice of plastic baits for steelheading. The Nuggies tail features a patent-pending salmon-egg like front section with a protruding tail section. The salmon-egg like front section of the Nuggies tail allows for easy hooking without hindering action of the tail, thus the Nuggies tail is a super bait for year-round fishing for many species of fish.

  • 1.25" Long
  • 6 per pack

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