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Engel Bait Cooler

About Engel Bait Cooler

The Engel Bait Cooler is designed to keep your bait alive and healthy all year round. This sturdy, polystyrene insulated cooler is constructed from rugged high-impact plastic and features an EVA watertight gasket to keep water from splashing out when you are on the go. Built to last, the Engel Bait Cooler also feature corrosion-resistant self-stopping hinges and stainless steel latches and screws. To keep bait alive and healthy, a whisper quiet aerator is also included with multiple settings so you can conserve battery power depending on how much bait you have in it. The cooler runs on two D batteries (not included) and also comes with a 12-volt adapter so you can plug it into your car or boat overnight to keep bait healthy for the next day of fishing. Integrated carry handle and shoulder strap also included for easy portability. 

  • 13qt capacity

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