Eco Pro Tungsten Swing Jig Swim – The Reel Shot

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Eco Pro Tungsten Swing Jig Swim

About Eco Pro Tungsten Swing Jig Swim

The Eco Pro Tungsten Swing Jig Swim is a premium jig that offers a unique action to your arsenal. Constructed with top-of-the-line materials, the Eco Pro Tungsten Swing Jig Swim Jig starts off with a compact and aerodynamic head. This feature helps the jig find its way in and out of tight spaces and through thick cover for a more natural "fleeing" bait presentation. What really stands out with this jig, however, is its hook hanger on the back of the jig. This allows the razor-sharp EWG hook to move freely providing two very important features, it takes away leverage from the fish so you have a higher change to land them, and it also gives the jig tremendously life-like action. Add your favorite trailer, or fish the jig as is and you will be pleasantly surprised what a few subtle improvements to a jigs design can do for you!

  • Premium, hand-tied skirt
  • One per pack

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