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Eagle Claw Trokar Tournament Tube Hook

About Eagle Claw Trokar Tournament Tube Hook

The Lazer Trokar Tournament Tube Hooks come equipped with Trokar’s surgically sharpened hook point technology.  What this does is offers a triple-sided point that actually penetrates twice as easily as other point shapes found on most other hooks to dramatically increase strike to hook-up success. Crafted with a unique tempering process, the Trokar Tournament Tube Hooks are extremely strong with just the right amount of bend to reduce braking. Trokar’s exclusive B.A.R.B., affixed to each hook’s shank, also keeps your bait firmly in place, and the line eye is fully enclosed so there’s no chance of your braided line slipping out! 

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2/0 6 per pack
3/0 5 per pack
4/0 5 per pack

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