Doomsday Tackle Reaper – The Reel Shot

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Doomsday Tackle Reaper

About Doomsday Tackle Reaper

The Doomsday Tackle Reaper might just be the best soft-craw you have never heard of. This life-like bait has been specifically designed to be fished in high-pressured bodies of water as the ultimate finesse craw. With a ribbed body and life like appendages, the Doomsday Tackle Reaper moves a lot of water and drive big bass absolutely nuts as it approaches. The Doomsday Tackle Reaper is a great option as a stand along bait Texas or Carolina-rigged as well as used as a jig trailer!

  • 3.2" - 8 per pack
  • 3.8" - 6 per pack

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