Doomsday Tackle Laggin Dragon – The Reel Shot

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Doomsday Tackle Laggin Dragon

About Doomsday Tackle Laggin Dragon

The Doomsday Tackle Laggin Dragon features a versatile design that makes it a top-notch choice to fish it like a soft-stick or soft-jerk bait. You can rig the Doomsday Tackle Laggin Dragon weighted or non-weighted. With amazing action, the Laggin Dragon produces a seductive side-to-side action when fished with slack in the line. This erratic action is an effective way to work the entire water column for suspended fish or target fish feeding near bottom when rigged with a weight. Available in a wide-variety of fish-catching colors, the Laggin Dragon is also infused with salt so when fish striker they won't let go!


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