Culprit Incredi-Bug – The Reel Shot

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Culprit Incredi-Bug

About Culprit Incredi-Bug

The Culprit Incredi-Bug is a large profile craw bait specifically designed for targeting the biggest bass in the lake! Despite it size, the Incredi-Bug flows very naturally in the water thanks to the multiple appendages made from soft plastic so it doesn't spook leery fish offering the best of both worlds. The unique design of this bait allows for it to worked both fast and slow replicating crawfish movements perfectly. The larger surface area of this bait also makes it a prime candidate for long bombing casts as well as the ultimate skipping plastic for under docks. The Culprit Incredi-Bug can be rigged multiple ways including Texas-Rigs, with jigs heads and also swim baits with hooks from the 4/0 - 6/0 size. For even more attraction, every bait is also scented so when they strike they don't let go!

  • 4.5"
  • 6 per pack  

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