Carbon Express Launchpad Lighted Nock – The Reel Shot

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Carbon Express Launchpad Lighted Nock

About Carbon Express Launchpad Lighted Nock

  • 1 lighted nock per pack
  • Precise contact points for controlled arrow release
  • Launchpad Lighted Precision Nocks are only intended to be used with undamaged Carbon Arrows having an internal diameter of 0.244 in. through 0.246 in. 
  • Concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance. 
  • Lightest weight and perfectly balanced for superior accuracy. 
  • Lightweight design does not reduce arrow front of center (FOC). 
  • High visibility LED with long-life battery. 
  • Release activated. 
  • Each nock is manufactured to the highest standards and engineered with four-axis straightness within 0.001”. This means that each nock will shoot the same, shot after shot. - Only 18.5 grains

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