Berkley Gulp Alive Jigging Grubs – The Reel Shot

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Berkley Gulp Alive Jigging Grubs

About Berkley Gulp Alive Jigging Grubs

Gulp! Alive! baits offer the best alternative to live bait ever produced. Since the baits are soaked in the powerful attractant they are more effective and catch more fish. Put the bait back in the bucket to ReCharge its effectiveness. You don't have to deal with the hassle of live bait anymore - try Gulp! Alive! and fish the revolution.       

  • Proven shape and action works well for all panfish
  • Field test prove that bluegills, trout and crappies prefer Gulp Alive over regular and live
  • Great on jigs, dropshots and plain hooks
  • 2 oz. jar
  • 1.5" grubs

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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