Bagley BangOLure Spintail – The Reel Shot

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Bagley BangOLure Spintail

About Bagley BangOLure Spintail

The Bagley BangOLure Spintail is constructed from Balsa wood, a material that has proved its merit in the fishing world time after time. The Balsa wood construction of the the Bagley BangOLure Spintail gives this bait incredible buoyancy abilities that make them virtually irresistible to fish. This unique lure combines the benefits of a billed crankbait to produce a seductive wobble with the addition of a rear spin for more flash and water movement. With tremendous casting abilities, the BangOLure Spintail is extremely versatile lure where you can run it entirely on the surface or just below to target fish beds, weed lines and rock edges!

  • 4.25" long
  • 1/4 oz
  • 0-2 ft diving depth
  • Class: Floating

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