ASSO New Micron – The Reel Shot

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ASSO New Micron

About ASSO New Micron

ASSO New Micron is a serious line for serious ice fishing anglers. When the heat is on, you want Micron tied onto your ice combo offerings some of the lightest pound test rating you can find. This ultra-long pound test ice line gives your favorite jig complete movement in the water and is as close to nothing you can find. Premium in quality, this line uses ray laser particular technology to hold consistancy of 100% throughout the line with a maximum tolerance of only 3 microns!

Weight Diameter Break Strength
8 oz .002 .60 lb
12 oz .003 .90 lb
1 lb .003 1.3 lb
1.5 lb .004 2.0 lb
2.0 lb .004 2.5 lb

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