TRS Shopping Spree Rules and Regulations – The Reel Shot

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TRS Shopping Spree Rules and Regulations

The Reel Shot Shopping Spree Rules and Regulations

  • Each TRS store location will choose one winner per month. TRS West Shopping Spree winner drawing will be selected the 1st of every month. TRS East Shopping Spree winner drawing will be selected the 15th of every month.
  • After a winner has been drawn, a TRS associate will contact the winner. The winner then has 24 hours to confirm. If the winner does not confirm the prize within 24 hours, there will be a new winner drawn.
  • After a winner has confirmed, he/she will have one week to schedule a shopping spree event time with a TRS associate. Contestants that do not schedule a time within that week will forfeit their shopping spree prize.
  • The TRS Shopping Spree is for a designated time only (60 seconds). A TRS associate will monitor the time. The shopping spree will start and end with the sound of an air horn.
  • TRS shopping spree winners must be 18 years or older and sign a release form absolving The Reel Shot of any liability.
  • Shopping spree winners must sign a waiver releasing any media video or photo rights during the contest to be used for The Reel Shot’s promotional purposes.
  • Only one person can participate in the shopping spree. No teams or helpers are permitted.
  • Shopping spree winners are only allowed to pick products from the TRS designated shopping areas outlined on the store floor.
  • Shopping spree winners must fit all prizes within a basket given to them before the shopping spree starts. Any product that overhangs the top of the basket, based on a TRS associates judging, will be removed from the contestant’s basket and excluded from the final shopping spree winnings.
  • A TRS associate will review the shopping spree items. Any duplicate items will be disqualified from the contestant’s winnings.
  • The Reel Shot is not responsible for any injuries that may occur during the Shopping Spree. Shopping Spree winners may not run.


  • Only products found within the yellow tapped sections on the floor inside of The Reel Shot are eligible in the Shopping Spree.
  • Only one of each SKU number is permitted
  • Contestants may only receive one free entry, per day, at each individual TRS location.