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Since day one The Reel Shot's main priority has been to make our customer's feel welcomed when you come to visit us. This process starts with a friendly smile and greeting when you walk through our doors and it ends the exact same way.


Even if our archery, hunting and fishing experts cannot help you with the knowledge we already know, we promise to use every resource available to help try and find a solution! 

We love hearing from our customers and if you have an experience or some photos you wish to share with us please feel free to contact us today!

- Used Fishing Reel -
"Got it - Thank you for the great service.  It is cleaned, greased and oiled and now operates like new."
- Richard from Wonder Lake IL. 
"It takes something either VERY annoying or very good for me to contact a business owner.  In this case it's really good!  I just wanted to let you know what an absolute pleasure it is to patronize the Reel Shot on Calumet Street in Appleton.  Being in a business myself where customer service is king I have an appreciation for places that do it well and uphold high standards.  I have been a bow hunter for 36 years and have seen all kinds of sport shops, some good some not so good.  I have been in your store since day one and it's always had a welcoming feel which in my eyes is key to keep people coming back again and again.  
I recently took a trip to Maine for an archery bear hunt and in my preparation spent a lot of time in your store.  All the guys there were awesome as I needed plenty of gear and shooting time.  They were genuinely interested and helped me out with everything, one night even staying after close when I got there late.  Marc Drewek and his staff, Matt, Ty and Tyler are outstanding people who have created a friendly atmosphere that is not intimidating in the least bit.  I feel comfortable sending my son there for advice and equipment knowing full well they will take good care of him.  The example set by your crew has carried over to the clientele as well, no macho crap, just guys and gals who love the outdoors!  It has become a place you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door, especially when one of your employees yells your name....cant beat that!
In closing, I just want to say thank you again for putting together such a great store with a remarkable staff!"         
Thank you,

- Randy

The people at TRS are second to none! Highly suggest them for anything fishing or hunting related! True honest great group of serious outdoors people!

- Brandon

Great guys at both shops. Very knowledgeable and very willing to help, answer question and chat about hunting/fishing

- Tucker


 "These guys are the best around! They always fix my stuff when I have an issue that I don't know how to fix. They are always accommodating! Love having their store here!"

- Clay 

"They got what you needed for walleyes fishing.
Ain't no other places sale you better lures.
Only this place got what you really need."


"I can't imagine going to another shop...the client service is 2nd to none, the staff is always helpful, and when I walk in and they call me by name."

- Robert

"When i shopped at the oshkosh store i always had a good experience with the staff!"

- Hank

"Genuine and great people to work with. If you're in the area I'd most certainly check them out!"

- Melissa

"Bought my first bow tonight from these guys. Matt was fantastic. Took the time to properly fit me for it, and set me up with everything I needed, and also explained everything very thoroughly. You guys are awesome!"

- Brad

"Outstanding customer service . Brought my bow in to have new strings and cables put on and they helped adjust it as need till she was spot on. Thanks again guys!"

- Mike 

 "We went in to have my daughter's bow set up. I can't say enough good things about the man that helped us. I was extremely impressed. He was so thorough. So kind to my daughter. She thought he was great also. Thanks :)"

- Kimberly 

 "The guys in Appleton always make you feel welcome never make you feel like you're a hassle. I'll gladly drive an hour to deal with some one friendly then have some one be an a-hole and Rush threw it and not even do it the right way!"

- Ross

 "Very nice group of guys very helpful and knowledgeable. Mark Ordered me the new Elite synergy and had it within 3 weeks set up and ready to go same day the bow came in and The Reel Shot had the best price around. Thanks to everyone at The Reel Shot!"

- Michael

 "Mr. Marc, Matt and the rest of the crew are very knowledgable, helpful and polite. Great selection of product and awesome indoor range. Love The Reel Shot gang!! Keep up the great work!!!"

- Rod

 "Great staff!...Awesome indoor range!"

- James

 "Bought my new bow here. They set me up good. Plus I lost my receipt for my warranty. They got me a new one. A-1"

- Shad BigBoy

 "Great shop! It's a must stop shop!"

- Jim

 "Just stopped in to ask about some ice fishing gear. I don't remember the last time I've ever received such phenomenal customer service!! These guys are top notch! I even walked out of there with some new found bass tactics after a one on one lesson!"

- Nick 

"I just got into archery about a month or so ago. Mark and the staff have been awesome! My 9 year old son wanted to try it out and the guys there were patient and willing to explain everything to him."

- Dan

"I don't know the name of the guy that helped us today but he went above and beyond to get my son's bow set up. He took the time to show him what to do and what not to do and made sure the weight and draw length were just right. He even helped to make sure the sight was set right for him. He did all this with an impatient 8 year old that just wanted to shoot. Now he knows there's more to it than just pulling it back and shooting. Thank you so much! We will definitely be back!"

- Kris

"Great place-excellent service and accommodations"

- John

"Great store and friendly service. My husband an I booth shoot weekly at the indoor range. They are always willing to help when I stop in and dont make you afraid to ask questions if your a novice or just have unfamiliar equipment."

- Dana

"Best bow shop in the fox valley are. Great customer service, with knowledgeable bow techs, on all brands of bows. They also have have the best indoor 3d range around."

- Kyle 

"I love this place!! The indoor range is great, there are two levels to the range so you can get the feel of shooting from a tree stand, and the targets go all the way out to 50 yards. The staff here is great. They are more then willing to answer any questions and are great at working on your archery equipment, all are very professional and don't make you feel overwhelm or dumb, they will explain anything. The archery and fishing equipment is great and they sell live bait! I won't go anywhere else! 

Also I brought my wife here to shoot for her first time and the staff made her feel welcome and very comfortable! She had a great time and wants to do it again!

Thanks guys you will be seeing more of us!"

- Cody

 "Awesome shop with Awesome customer service! Second to none"

- Robert