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Ready To Hunt Bow Packages at TRS


Ready-To-Hunt Bow Packages

Without a doubt over the last few years there have been some great advances in bows and archery technology, but perhaps none have been quite as exciting as with the Ready-To-Hunt (or RTH) bow packages. Now more than ever finding the perfect bow for both target recreation and hunting is easy, affordable and fun thanks to all the great options we offer at The Reel Shot in our archery department. What is an RTH Bow? RTH bows come right froyouth-bows-for-sale-appletonm the manufacturer with everything you need to start shooting! Most packages include:
  • Rest
  • Sight
  • Quiver
  • Stabilizer
  • Wrist sling
  • and Peep sight all specifically made for the bow.
RTH bow packages make it easy to get set up with the right equipment at a very affordable price. All it takes is just a few tweaks from a bow technician to fit a particular shooter and you have yourself a great performing bow to take out into the woods or to the range! RTH bows have come a long way in just the last few years alone, new models are smooth shooting, fast (up to 300 fps +) and ergonomically designed for control and shootability! (Even though RTH bows come with a lot of extra accessories, an archer will still need to purchase arrows and if they so wish a shooting release and bow case.) Who should consider an RTH Bow? Realistically, just about any archer can shoot and enjoy an RTH bow, but youth archers and beginners will find the most value in these bows. With many of the models both draw weight and draw length can easily be adjusted without a bow press, essentially meaning the bow can grow as its shooter does! [caption id="attachment_35875" align="alignright" width="300"]Read-to-hunt-bows-for-sale-appleton-wi The Radical is a popular choice thanks to high-quality accessories from G5 and the bows amazing adjustability![/caption] In fact, some bows, such as the G5 Radical adjusts from draw weights of 15-70 lbs and draw lengths of 17.5”-30” without the need for any additional or replacement parts. This makes it a perfect choice for young archers that will be growing a lot in the next couple of years to shoot a bow that will always fit them properly, promoting proper form and technique without having to upgrade models every year. These types of bows are also very popular for beginners and women archers who may not have developed the necessary muscles to pull back some of the weights that less adjustable bows offer. Are you ready to start shooting archery? Checkout our great RTH bow packages today to start enjoying a fun and exciting new sport! As always, when you shop at The Reel Shot, you will be treated to the absolute best customer experience and be given one-on-one attention so you know exactly what product your are buying and how to properly use it.