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Indoor Archery Range Appleton WI

Get ready for opening day, fine-tune your skills or settle the debate once and for all against your friends on who’s the better shot at the LARGEST indoor archery range in the Midwest.

The Reel Shot offers a massive 50-yard indoor archery range in Appleton, WI, (1919 E. Calumet St.) that features over 40 Reinhart professional grade targets. Our range is an ideal location for sighting your bow in at close distances as well as practicing those long shots at up to 50yds. Our range is crossbow and compound bow friendly, but please field tips only!

The Reel Shot’s indoor archery range is open year round and at no other place in the Fox Valley will you find a larger range to take aim at such a wide variety of targets. Some of these targets include: a full-size moose, whitetail deer, mule deer and caribou to dinosaurs, mosquitos and alligators. Shoot from ground level or take your skills to new heights with our elevated mezzanine at the 1919 East Calumet store to simulate angles from tree-stand shots.

Throughout our indoor archery range in Appleton, WI feel free to dial in your compound bow or crossbow at several different spot targets scattered throughout our course. The Reel Shot’s indoor archery range in Appleton, WI is the perfect place to practice those long-range shots that could mean the difference in filling your tag this year or going home empty handed!

Our 50-yard indoor archery range in Appleton, WI is additionally set up as a 3D target shooting course. Move from station to station from 20 different mapped-out shots and challenge your friends or build your own skill with an exciting round of 3D competitive shooting. Our range additionally features a seating area, vending machines for snack and refreshments and bow cubbies to keep all your valuables safe. 

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