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Dallas Seavey

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Dallas Seavey Joins the TRS Team

As we all know here at TRS, there are many other ways to enjoy the outdoors besides shooting a bow or fishing. Don't believe us? Just ask the youngest and two-time Iditarod Dog Sled Champion Dallas Seavey.      

Iditarod Seavey Family Tradition

Alaskan native, Dallas Seavey is certainly no stranger to the great outdoors and all of the challenges and glories that come with it. In 2011, 25 years old Dallas Seavey and his team of dogs won the storied and grueling 975-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, making him the youngest musher in history to ever win. However, that amazing feat wasn’t enough for Dallas. In 2014, he returned to the podium as an Iditarod champion, but this time shattering the record for the fastest finishing time ever by over five hours! The Seavey family runs deep in dogsled racing history where Dallas’s father, Mitch Seavey, is also a two-time Iditarod Dog Sled Champion winning the race in 2004 and 2013. Dallas’s grandfather, Dan Seavey is also a former musher as well as an Iditarod competitor where he raced in the first two Iditarod dog sled races in 1973 and 1974.

 Seavey Survies Alaska with National Geographic

Even though Dallas is best known for his Iditarod dog sled accomplishments, he is also a competitor on the National Geographic TV series, Ultimate Survival Alaska. What is said to be one of the toughest competitions in the world, Ultimate Survival Alaska brings together the world’s most elite and toughest outdoorsmen to challenge their skills, wits and endurance in the unforgiving and harsh landscape of the Alaskan wilderness. With only gear they can carry on their backs, the Ultimate Survival Alaska competition sends four teams and 12 individuals head-to-head against raging white water rapids, treacherous glaciers, deadly predators and unforgiving mountainous peaks with just 60 hours to complete a journey from desolation to civilization. In the first season of Ultimate Survival Alaska, Dallas Seavey and the other two members of team Endurance emerged victorious winning the competition. Looking to reclaim their title once again, the stakes have been raised and Dallas and team Endurance will be competing once again on Ultimate Survival Alaska that airs January 4th ,2015 on National Geographic. Follow along with us at TRS for the new season of Surviving Alaska featuring Dallas Seavey on Twitter, hashtag #TRS#TEAMENDURANCE.

 The Gear Dallas Seavey Trusts

Whether you are traveling nearly a thousand miles in sub-zero temperature by dogsled, sitting in your favorite bowstand or fishing a reef hours before sunrise, having the right gear can mean all difference in success and failure during your outdoor adventure. Let TRS help you get the most out of the outdoors with products you can trust. Want to get your hands on some of the same gear Dallas Seavey trusts in his adventures? Checkout these great products below!
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