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Bow Service and Maintenance Appleton, WI

Make sure your bow is always performing in tip-top condition and visit the professionals at The Reel Shot today. Our local team of professional bow-techs means you get the peace of mind of working with a familiar face every time you visit one of our locations for bow service and maintenance needs in Appleton, WI.  Here at The Reel Shot we work on all major bow lines and models with the quality and precision you can trust. Our bow technicians have undergone extensive training, so rest assured there will be no guesswork and your equipment will always be tailored to fit your body type and shooting style. From basic peep installments to advanced timing settings, when you visit our archery service shop in Appleton, WI you can expect Grade-A work! 

Quality Comes First Whether it’s for in the woods or at the range, our top priority is to always make sure your equipment is performing at its best. We give our customers one-on-one attention no matter how big or small the bow repair or maintenance need is because we know that even the littlest details can make all the difference.

The Reel Shot archery pro shop in Appleton, WI features today’s latest archery repair tools and equipment. Our bow presses are multi-adjustable to work all types of compound bows, including parallel limb designs. We additionally stock a full-line of aftermarket and replacement parts from the industry’s top brands so you can find the right product and price you are looking for when it comes to bow service and maintenance in Appleton, WI.

Listed below are just some of our services that we offer. For questions or more information please do not hesitate to contact TRS today!

Adjust Draw Length (rotating style) $5.00
Replace Draw Module $10.00
Adjust Draw Weight $2.00
Loop Install  $5.00
Refletch Arrows $2.50
Peep Install and Service $5.00
String Install (plus cost of new string) $15.00
Cable Install (plus cost of the cable) $12.00
Standard Rest Install (free if purchased at TRS) $10.00
Drop-Away Rest Install (free if purchased at TRS) $12.00
Arrow Cutting With Inserts (free if purchased at TRS) $1.00
String Silencer Install (free if purchased at TRS) $3.00
Quiver Install (free if purchased at TRS) $3.00
Peep Tubing $2.00
Replace Center Serving  $12.00
X Bow String  $29.99
String $39.99
Y-Cable $34.99
Control Cable  $24.99
Bow Set-Up (free if purchased at TRS) $50.00
Paper Tuning $10.00
Paper Tuning With Hooter Shooter  $20.00
Chronograph $5.00
Clean and Wax String $5.00
Sight Tape $10.00


  • Set Nock
  • Set Rest
  • Wax String
  • Safety Check


  • Set Nock
  • Set Rest
  • Set Tiller 
  • Lube Axles
  • Wax String 
  • Safety Check


  • Set Nock
  • Set Rest
  • Set Tiller
  • Lube Axles
  • Wax String
  • Safety Check 
  • paper Tuning 
  • Chronograph


  • Nock Set
  • Rest Setup
  • Set Tiller
  • Clean and Lube Axles
  • Grease Limb Pockets
  • Chronograph
  • Paper Tuning with Hooter Shooter
  • Sight Tape

Crossbow Service and Repair Appleton WI

For any and all crossbow service and repair in Appleton, WI, turn to the professional staff at The Reel Shot today. Here at The Reel Shot we promise you will always be met by a friendly, familiar face and the honesty you can trust. We currently operate out of our location at 1919 East Calumet Street in Appleton, WI where we feature today’s latest archery repair tools and equipment.  The Reel Shot crossbow techs are familiar with all major makes and models of crossbows brands and we can even order many replacement parts and accessories from popular names like Ten-Point, Carbon Express, Wicked Ridge and Parker.

Quality Comes First

Crossbows are not only fun for recreational activities like target practice, but they are also effective for hunting various different types of game. However, if you crossbow isn’t always in proper working condition, it can potentially cause harm to yourself and the others around you, not to mention it will be far less enjoyable to operate and use. Our staff of professional crossbow techs has the training, knowledge and tools to make sure you get the most out of every time you use and operate your crossbow. For quality crossbow service and repair in Appleton turn to the professionals at The Reel Shot today! Listed below are just a few of the many crossbow services that we offer. For more information or to find our nearest location, contact us today or visit the link below. 

Crossbow Set Up and Sight In (free if purchased at TRS) $35.00
Crossbow String Replace $12.00
TenPoint ACUdraw Repair $15.00
Crossbow Tune-Up $25.00