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2015 Parker ThunderHawk vs TenPoint Titan Xtreme

2015 Parker ThunderHawk vs TenPoint Titan Xtreme

2015 Parker ThunderHawk vs TenPoint Titan Xtreme When it comes to crossbow value, the 2015 Parker ThunderHawk vs TenPoint Titan Xtreme are some of the best options on the market. Both considered leaders in the crossbow industry, TenPoint and Parker have become renown for their craftsmanship and customer service, making either choice a great option for any hunter.

2015 Parker ThunderHawk Review

Considered perhaps Parker’s #1 crossbow in the 2015 lineup, the Thunderhawk in the 2015 Parker ThunderHawk vs TenPoint Titan Xtreme comparison provides the weight, performance, speed and value a lot of hunters seek when shopping for their next crossbow. Equipped with advanced-split limb technology and a Fulcrum Pocket design, the ThunderHawk is able to pack a powerful punch all while maintaining a slim profile to favor both the treestand and ground blind hunters. In addition to its short axle-to-axle of 20.25”, the ThunderHawk also comes standard with and integrated pistol-style grip for easy maneuverability. parker-thunderhawk-for-sale Tipping the scales at just under 7lbs, the Parker ThunderHawk is very lightweight, which makes it effortless to pack into the woods as well. Its peak draw weight of 160 lbs makes it a very efficient hunting weapon slinging bolts at up to 320 FPS. Even though its 160 lbs draw weight is less than some competitors, its smooth cams allow it to be easily cocked with a rope cocker without straining muscles or making too much commotion in the field. The rope cocker nocks the ThunderHawk’s draw weight from 160 lbs to right around 80 lbs. To reduce vibration, promote confidence and make accurate shots, the ThunderHawk also comes equipped with standard anti-vibration and shock (AVS) which reduces noise for ultimate concealment. Have crossbow questions? Be sure to contact one of the crossbow experts at The Reel Shot today and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about any make or model!

2015 TenPoint Xtreme Review

Any crossbow comparison would be unfair if TenPoint’s name wasn’t mentioned. TenPoint’s competitor in the 2015 Parker ThunderHawk vs TenPoint Titan Xtreme comparison is a great hunting weapon choice for just about any North American wild game scenario. Standard is TenPoint’s legendary fit and finish, and right out of the box it’s easy to appreciate the quality of the Titan Xtreme. Slightly heavier and wider than the ThunderHawk, the Titan's weight is 7.3 lbs and features an axle-to-axle length of 21.6”. tenpoint-titan-for-sale Even though the Titan Xtreme is a little bit more bulky than the ThunderHawk, it evens the scales of value with its faster IBO rating where bolts are fired at up to 333 FPS. The Titan Xtreme comes as a package with choices of either the ACU Draw (mechanical crank) or ACU Draw50 rope cocking system to help reduce loading effort. The AcuDraw feature contains an integrated handle crank that easily stores in the stock of the crossbow and takes the bow's 180 lbs. of draw weight to just 5 lbs. [table id=29 /]   shopthunderhawkshoptitanextreme