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2015 Horton Storm RDX For Sale


2015 Horton Storm RDX For Sale

When the news broke that the crossbow manufacturer TenPoint was going to acquire Horton in 2013, the excitement levels could not have been higher for crossbow fans. Now, only two years later, the hunting industry is already reaping the benefits of two great companies collaborating with the release of the all-new 2015 Horton Storm RDX for sale. Forget everything you know about conventional wisdom when you take a look at the all-new 2015 Storm RDX for the first time. With reverse-draw technology limbs, the 2015 Storm RDX looks like something right out of a Zombie Apocalypse movie - only this time it’s deer and turkeys that need to be nervous…not zombies. Why Reverse Draw? 2015-horton-storm-rdx-reverse-limbsBy reversing the draw, the Horton Storm RDX is able to offer its users many advantages traditionally configured limbs cannot. First and foremost, the RDX is incredibly slim measuring only 15.5” wide uncocked and an amazing 10” wide when cocked. This feature alone makes it a deadly weapon that can easily be maneuvered in the tightest of treestands or smallest of blinds. In addition, because the limbs travel back toward the stock of the bow, more so than traditional styles of crossbows, the RDX is incredibly balanced and can be held more steadily for longer periods of time. Last and certainly not least, the reverse limbs make the Horton Storm RDX extremely efficient. Because the string stopping point is located further down the rail on the RDX, it gives the bolt more time on string to provide a longer crossbow power stroke. The longer the power stroke, the more efficient the crossbow is, which is why the RDX Storm has a draw weight of only 165 lbs and still flings bolts at 370 FPS!

2015-horton-storm-rdx-specsHorton Storm RDX Specs:

Length (w/stirrup) – 35.25” Width – Axle-to-Axle – 15.5”/10” Power Stroke – 16.5” Weight (w/o accessories) – 7.7 lbs Draw Weight – 165 lbs     Horton Storm RDX Innovation The innovation of the Storm RDX doesn’t just stop with its reverse draw design. Horton went ahead and replaced the standard bolt retention design of their crossbow from a metal clip to a brush. The brush system paired with string stops, self-locking limb pockets and machined aluminum RDX cams (that feature 440 stainless steel bearings) means that new Horton Storm RDX is one of the quietest bows on the market. The Storm RDX measures just a mere 35.25” long and also comes with a 7-way adjustable cheek pad and 3-way adjustable shoulder pad, so it fits any shooter. Though the Storm RDX is unlike any other bow on the market, a few of TenPoint’s industry leading features can be found on it. Included is a solid machined aluminum riser and rail guard to keep fingers and gloves free from the bolt travel. The Horton Storm RDX is available with either the ACUdraw or Dedd Sled cocking mechanism and comes in a package that includes:
  • 3 Carbon Bolts
  • 3 Bolt Instant Detach Quiver
  • 4x32 Multi-Line Scope

 2015 Horton Storm RDX Overview

The new Storm RDX backed by TenPoint’s renowned quality is a great value on the market for any crossbow hunter. Perhaps, the biggest advantage to the crossbow is Reverse-Draw technology. Reverse-Draw makes the bow extremely balanced, compact and efficient. The Storm RDX only weighs 7.7 lbs and has a low draw weight of 165 lbs. Serious hunter’s that want a custom-fitted bow that delivers outstanding performance definitely need to put the RDX on their short list.
  • 2015 Horton Storm RDX Crossbow w/Dedd sled (MSRP: $1,019.99)
  • 2015 Horton Strom RDX Crossbow w/ACUdraw (MSRP: $1,219.99)
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