Optimum Bait Co. Opti Shad – The Reel Shot

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Optimum Bait Co. Opti Shad

About Optimum Bait Co. Opti Shad

What happens when two legendary bait companies combine their efforts? You get the Opti Shad! Fitted with a new double diamond tail, the Opti Shad is unlike any other soft lure around. Fish this bait at both slow and fast speeds to produce erratic, injured fleeing of a dying shad that only says one thing to hungry fish...and easy meal. The longest part of the Opti Shad is also the widest part for easy hook setting along with a unique wander fall motion. Use this bait for a variety of different rigs including dropshotting, weightless, Texas, Neko, split shot and more!

  • 4" long
  • 5 per pack

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