Top Five Bass Baits for Fall 2017 – The Reel Shot

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Top Five Bass Baits for Fall 2017


Cool mornings and a nip in the air doesn’t just mean it's time for bow season, it also means one of the best times to be on the water is quickly approaching. Today we will break down our picks for the Top Five Best Bass Baits for Fall 2017 and why you need them!

As air and water temperatures begin to drop this tells bass that winter is quickly approaching and the time to eat is now! As anglers, we can move away from the summer finesse techniques we have been perfecting over the last few months and get ready for hot and heavy action. In no particular order, here is our list of lures you need to stock up on to make this fall your best fishing season yet! 

Category Lip-Less Crankbait
Top Pick
Honorable Mention Yo-Zuri Rattl'n Vibe
Where To Fish: Boat Docks, Submerged Vegetation and Rock Bottoms
Tactic Lift and Drop, Straight Retrieve 


A lip-less crankbait is a go-to for many bass anglers because of the amount of water you can cover with it. On a 7-foot medium to medium heavy rod you can cast a ½ oz Strike King Red Eye Shad a mile and work the entire water column based on your retrieve, think shallow in the fall. 

When you are picking your areas to fish a lip-less crankbait your technique can vary. When working submerged vegetation and rocky bottoms, the lift and drop technique can be deadly. The Red Eye Shad has amazing deflection properties so hitting bottom and ripping through weeds is what you want.

The lift and drop, or a “sweeping retrieve”, allows you to flash the bait above pockets where fish are likely to lie as ambush points. The pause of the bait is key when working it as it flutters during its descent to the bottom. This often results in vicious strikes. If you targeting boat docks, a straight retrieve allows you to cover a lot of water quickly and the internal rattle of the bait excites fish for reactive strikes.

Category Swim Jig
Top Pick
Honorable Mention Greenfish Shin Spin W/Dirty Jig Skirt
Where To Fish: Shallow Backwaters, Brush 
Tactic Straight Retrieve, Subtle Twitching 


Having a quality swim jig in your arsenal is a great idea no matter what season it is, but it can pay off big in the fall if you know what to look for. Perhaps, what we like best about the swim-jig tactic is its ability to free itself from snags and hang-ups. Since you are working around brush and other thick cover, a premium fluorocarbon line such as Sunline FC Sniper works great. Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon is incredibly easy to cast, has low-memory properties and is abrasion resistant.

A quality swim jig will represent the small panfish bass love to feast on in the fall. Fish like bluegill, sunfish and even crappie. As the water temperatures drop, lots of panfish move up in the shallows and the bass are right behind them. The Dirty Jigs Finesse Swim Jig is the complete package in our mind when it comes to this. The jig features an ultra strong Mustad hook, soft bait keeper, weed guard and premium skirt. For added attraction, a hollow body trailer can be added.

Fish this jig around fallen trees on flat shores or shallow banks, cut-outs in grass beds and around shallow docks. Using a straight retrieve with subtle twitches is a fail-proof presentation!

Category Swimbaits
Top Pick
Honorable Mention MegaBass Spark Shad
Where To Fish: Straight Retrieve W/Subtle Twitching
Tactic Lift and Drop, Straight Retrieve 


The theme to fall fishing is definitely breaking down shallow water, and nothing makes that easier than visually seeing large schools of shad. When traveling along shallow backwaters or lake flats, if you catch a glimpse of pod of baitfish, stop what you are doing and grab your swimbait rod!

Our go-to choice for swimbait is Keitech Swing Fat Impact. This premium plastic is easy to rig thanks to its enlarged torso design and features an amazing paddle tail action fish cannot resist. As bass are gorging themselves on schools of shad, slowly working your bait through the pod is easy pickings!

Our favorite jighead to pair the Keitech Swing Fat Impact with is the Su-Spin Blade, which adds a little extra flash to the party. As far as sizes, a 3.8” is a go-to, but again this depends on the size of shad in the body of water that you are fishing. Keitech covers all the bases as far as bait size with options ranging from 2.8” to 5.8”. Silver Shiner and Sight Flash are two great baitfish imitating color choices. 

Category Square Bill Crankbait
Top Pick
Honorable Mention Bagley Balsa B
Where To Fish: Rock Covered Points
Tactic Slow to Moderate Straight Retrieve 


The tight wobble of a well-placed square bill crankbait has been the demise of many of bass in the fall. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is how easy they are to fish. If you can locate shallow rock points you are well on your way to non-stop action during the cooler months.

Our pick is a new comer for 2017, the Rapala BX Brat. After spending only a little time on the water with this bait we like everything it offers, especially if you can get it to knick the bottom to produce a “kick-out” action. This subtle flare more times than not is quickly followed by a strike. The Brat comes in two sizes, O3 and 06, and quickly reaches optimal depthes from 3-6 feet so little time is wasted. A medium action 7-foot rod paired with 10-14lb fluorocarbon line is ideal.

Category Flipping Baits
Top Pick
Honorable Mention Reins Punchin Predator 
Where To Fish: Creek Flats, Near River Mouths, Tight Cover
Tactic Work Bait Thoroughly Around Cover


Flippin baits is often a tactic we associate with summer fishing, but with the right approach is can be one of the deadliest ways to attack big bass in the fall months. The trick here is to find cover where bass can easily ambush bait like crayfish and bluegills. Again, we are primarily focusing on shallow waters such as creek channels and lake flats with “laydowns” (fallen trees and brush). The type of day you are fishing also makes a huge difference here as well. Keep an eye out for blue sky and lots of sun as fish, much like people, protect themselves from the rays of the sun during these days by finding whatever cover they can.

The Reaction Innovation Sweet Beaver is a “jack-of-all-trades” when it comes to fall flipping as it can easily be worked through brush and in and out of other pockets of cover. Just because you are in shallow water doesn’t mean you have to go light either, pair your Sweet Beaver with a 3/8 oz or even a ½ oz weight to help it produce more of a darting action when you are working it along bottom. If you find some cover you like, do not be discouraged if you don’t get bit right away and be persistent working the bait from every angle of the cover. This may not be the best numbers technique, but it’s definitely one of the best tactics to hook into larger fish.

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