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Top Five Bass Baits for Fall 2017

Cool mornings and a nip in the air doesn’t just mean it's time for bow season, it also means one of the best times to be on the water is quickly approaching. Today we will break down our picks for the Top Five Best Bass Baits for Fall 2017 and why you need them!

As air and water temperatures begin to drop this tells bass that winter is quickly approaching and the time to eat is now! As anglers, we can move away from the summer finesse techniques we have been perfecting over the last few months and get ready for hot and heavy action. In no particular order, here is our list of lures you need to stock up on to make this fall your best fishing season yet! 

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  • Lance Kozic

  • How To Keep Deer Coming To A Scrape

    Well November is officially here, and we all know what that means....Yes! The RUT. November is a magical time to be the woods for bowhunters because this time of the year is usually means our best odds for tagging out that monster you've been dreaming about for the last few months.

    It was only a little over a week ago, on October 21th, that TRS Pro Marc Drewek headed to the woods to show How To Make A Mock Scrape For Whitetail Deer with Wag's Fresh ...

    How To Make A Mock Scrape For Whitetail Deer

    With the rut quickly approaching now is the time you should be making mock scrapes to better target mature whitetail bucks in your area. Watch as TRS's Marc Drewek walks you through step-by-step on how to make a new mock scrape and what to do with existing scrapes to up your chances at bagging a mature whitetail buck during the rut!

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    Scent Crusher Duffle Bag

    It's no secret that scent control is one of the most important aspects of whitetail hunting. Deer have incredibly developed senses of smell and can pick up odors that humans have no idea are around. To help combat these unfamiliar odors that linger on our body and clothing, Scent Crusher has come up with a solution that creates your very own ozone to eliminate all of these odors!


    2016 Lake Winnebago Carp Shooting

    For the diehard archer such as myself, finding ways to keep the arrows flying can be a challenge. Shooting arrows at carp running up the Milwaukee River as a kid is no comparison to shooting carp today with modern bow-fishing gear. Both Muzzy products and the Wisconsin based company, AMS Bowfishing, have rejuvenated my desire to shoot fish with a bow. As I have recently experienced in the Lake Winnebago system there are plenty of opportunities to shoot fish. During this last carp-spawning season I could not believe the numbers of carp in Lake Winnebago. Every morning and evening I would watch literally hundreds of carp turn the water into a virtual sea of mud with their jumping and thrashing activity. It was interesting to watch the big females cruise by with 10 to 15 smaller males coming in from all directions and bumping her in the side. I personally found the best action to be in the early morning with no wind and the sun hitting the water just right you could see the fish com...

    2016 Wisconsin Turkey Hunt - Week 5

    Does lightening strike twice?? TRS Pro and Appleton West Store Manager Matt Tratz takes to the woods again during week five of the 2016 Wisconsin Turkey Hunting Season looking to fill another tag. 


    With a late start to the morning, Matt is able to slip into his spot right at sunrise and just in the nick of time before the birds fly down from the roost. A key to Matt's success is always using the terrain to his advantage, no matter the hunting situation. This hunt was no different for Matt as he stayed close to the newly leafed out trees to avoid any shadows or silhouettes on to the field he was hunting. 

    2016 Wisconsin Turkey Hunt - Week 1

    TRS Pro and Appleton West store manager, Matt, takes to the woods in central Wisconsin for some exciting week one turkey hunting action. After an unsuccessful first couple of days during week 1, Matt goes right down to the wire to bag his bird. Persistence and strategic setup placement were key! 



    How to take a great turkey picture - By Marc Drewek

    If you were lucky and bagged your bird this year it’s time for a few pictures. Here are a few helpful tips that I use to capture some great memories. Like any game after it has been harvested, the caucus tends to stiffen up shortly after the kill. This means it's vital to prepare your animal properly if you are looking to take a few great photos.

    The first thing I like to do is hang the bird and let his feathers open up. I usually let them hang for at least a half hour, this way gravity does all the work for you. When you do this it makes the bird look bigger and you can see all the colors.

    Simply take a zip strip and tie his legs together. Then find a branch or take a screw-in tree step with you to hang him on. Once the bird is upside down, it's now really easy to quickly go through and straighten u...

    Late Season Blind Luck? - By Marc Drewek

    As we reach the midway point in the 2016 turkey season, there’s still plenty of good hunting yet to come. Late season turkey hunting can be a challenge where you just may have to change your tactics a bit. Hunting out of blinds can still be effective, but the key is to find their roosting and feeding areas.

    Remember when you’re hunting out of a blind wear black and not camo. The background of the blind is dark and you want to blend in as much as possible. Also try to brush your blind in as much as possible.

  • Lance Kozic

  • More than a hunt....With Marc Drewek

    Recently I had the privilege to go on a Merriams turkey hunt in Wyoming. The scenery was gorgeous and filled with wildlife. The ranch I was hunting was loaded with Whitetail deer, a few Elk, mountain lions and of course turkeys.

    The Merriams is a sub-species of the Eastern wild turkey which we have here in Wisconsin. These particular turkeys are much more vocal; travels in larger flocks and have distinct white markings on their back and tail feathers. It is common to see flocks with 50 to 100 birds in it.

    I visited Devils tower National monument before the hunt. Another highlight of the trip was a 23 mile trip around the ranch on a four wheeler. The backside of the ranch had a direct view of Devils tower. Although I did have an opportunity to connect on a bird I didn’t make the shot with the bow. But being able ...

    How To Pick Out The Perfect Fishing Rod

    Picking out the perfect fishing rod can be more of a challenge than most might think. To make a well-informed decision that you can be happy with for years to come, it’s really important to understand the basics of a rod first. A common sight when someone is learning how to pick out a fishing rod is for them to pick it up and wiggle it around sporadically. The next step is usually followed by staring it down like a wooden 2x4 and than pressing its tip into the floor with a concentrated look on their face. After this ritual is done, a look at the price tag is taken and the rod either goes home with them or sits back on the rack. Sure, some of these commonly used rod-selecting techniques have their place, time and purpose. However, a little bit of background knowledge about fishing rods can really go a long way in order for you to make a decision you will truly be happy with and ultimately be able to have more success with on the water. Fo...

    What Gear Ratio Baitcasting Reel Should I Buy?

    If you came across this article this is a good sign! It means you are starting to get more serious about becoming a better angler and catching more fish! So let's get right to it by answering a common question we get a lot here at The Reel Shot, "what gear ratio baitcaster should I buy?"

    Understanding the benefits of specific gear ratios is actually a really important aspect to any serious fisherman. Finding the right gear ratio reel can help you become more efficient on the water by presenting baits at the right speed and water depth!

    Yet the big question remains….What gear ratio baitcaster should you buy? Well first you need to ask yourself what will you be fishing for and what baits do you intend to use with it? However, before we get into that, let’s go over the basics of what gear ratio ...

    3 Tips On How To Catch More Fish From Shore

    How to catch more fish from shore is a question we are faced with a lot here at The Reel Shot. It’s no secret that fishing is a relaxing and enjoyable sport that anyone can take part in, no matter your age or skill level. However, if you don’t own your own boat or have access to one, having success can sometimes be a challenge.

    Generally speaking, there are always certain times during the year that you can catch a lot of fish from shore in central Wisconsin, as well as many other states. However, this success largely depends on certain factors such as the time of the year and fish spawning patterns. When these small windows close, the shore-angler is forced to take a more tactical approach. One of the best ways to do this is to be able to dissect a lake by exploring the areas you have access to fish, doing a little bit of lake...

    Five Tips For Late Season Turkey Hunting

    Early spring turkey hunting is like no other type of hunting. Comparable to perhaps the rut of deer hunting, turkeys can be very receptive to calling and decoys which makes them a blast to pursue. However, as the season progresses action tends to slow down and it can become more difficult to fill your tag. To help, here is a list of our top five tips for late season turkey hunting that just might give you that extra edge. 

    1 – Less Talking...More Listening

    One of the biggest mistakes any turkey hunter can make during the later seasons is thinking that their tactics shouldn’t change from the first week or two of huntin...

    Top 5 Walleye Trolling Lures For Lake Winnebago

    There is definitely more than one way to catch a walleye on Lake Winnebago. Water conditions, time of year, weather and possibly hundreds of other factors all play into what application may work best. However, rest assured if there isn’t ice on the water, trolling crank baits can be one of the most productive and best tactics around. But how do you know which lures will give you the greatest chance at success? Well, the truth is you really don’t, however The Reel Shot crew has assembled a few baits that we consider to be the Top 5 walleye trolling lures for Lake Winnebago. Have some variation of these lures in your box and ready to go at all times to up your odds at a limit of eyes! Check out what we have determined after years of testing (and some mildly heated debates) to be our favorite walleye catching lures below!

    Top Five Ice Fishing Lures For Walleye on Lake Winnebago

    Set Yourself Up For Lake Winnebago Walleye Success!

    Icing a nice walleye can be hands down one of the most rewarding accomplishments for any angler who ventures out onto the frozen Lake Winnebago waters. Sure a pail full of white bass, crappie and perch is nothing to sneeze at, but something about watching those giant white glowing eyes ascend through your hole is an unexplainable feeling.

    So how do you do it? Truthfully, even the best anglers can struggle to find active feeding walleyes in the winter months, and when they do getting them to bite becomes another challenge all of its own. Like we all know when it comes to ice fishing, nothing is guarantied, but if you want to tip the scales in your favor we have compiled a list of must-h...

    Best Early Ice Panfish Techniques

    Learn how to be more success when searching for slab panfish![/caption] Learning some of the best early ice panfish techniques can be one of the most productive times of the year to experience great success when hunting down slab panfish. As lakes begin to freeze, most panfish migrate into shallow bays and inlets to feed. Perch, Crappies and Bluegills are the most common panfish native to Wisconsin waterways and are all considered schooling fish, so chances are if you find one or two there will be more in the area.

    What Do Panfish Eat During Early Ice?

    Due to the size panfish are prone to grow to, they are often in search of large food sources of small bugs, freshwater shrimp and small minnows. When the ice first forms on most water systems, huge numbers of panfish food sources will migrate to shallow inlets and bays. Despite the reputation some people believe panfish to have, these fish can be pretty picky eaters so anglers must be ...