TRS Custom Swedish Pimples

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TRS Custom Swedish Pimples
$3.59 - $4.79

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TRS Custom Swedish Pimple

Present fishing with exclusive color patterns this year by tying on a TRS Custom Swedish Pimple. We have imitated some of the most popular color patters proven effective during summer fishing and implanted their designs to the tried and true Swedish Pimple. With these never-before seen color patterns combined with the enticing action of the Swedish Pimple profile this years ice fishing season is sure to be your most productive yet! Available in a wide varitiety of colors and sizes, nowhere else will you get your hands on these fishing catching machines than at TRS!

TRS Custom Swedish Pimples Specifications

The Swedish Pimple is available in multiple sizes, weights and finishes (including hammered) to target a wide variety of fish for both soft and hard water applications.

Size Weight Length
#2 1/10 oz. 1"
#3 1/5 oz. 1.5"
#4 1/4 oz. 1-3/4"
#5 1/3 oz. 1-7/8"
#6 1/2 oz. 2-1/4"
#7 3/4 oz. 2-3/4"
#8 1 oz. 3-1/4"
#9 1-5/8 oz. 4"
#10 2 oz. 4-1/4"
#14 4 oz. 5"